Later This Year, A Paid App Store Will Be Introduced For The Elgato Stream Deck

Got a great idea for a Stream Deck plug-in but don’t want to give it away for free? Wish you could buy premium software for the Stream Deck’s handy array of LCD screen-equipped keys?

Later this year, a paid app store will be introduced for the Elgato Stream Deck.

Either way, it’s officially happening: Elgato general manager Julian Fest says a paid Stream Deck app store is coming later this year.

“We will go live later this year with a platform where people can distribute paid products, whether it’s plug-ins, profiles, icon packs — anything Stream Deck related,” Fest tells The Verge.

Yes, the Corsair-owned Elgato already has a software “store,” but you can’t buy or sell anything there — today, it’s simply a repository of plug-ins and icon packs you can download for free. Those who’ve wanted to start businesses around Stream Deck software have had to maintain their own websites and collect their own payments.

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