AI-Generated Poem Postcards Now Featured On Google’s Arts & Culture App

Poem postcards live within Google’s Arts & Culture app and website, where you can choose from various types of poems to generate, including a sonnet, limerick, ode, elegy, haiku, and others. The AI will base the contents of the poem on the subject you type into the generator, like “ocean” or “spring,” as well as the painting you want on the cover of the postcard. Some of the works you can use include The Great Wave off Kanagawa, The Scream, The Starry Night, and many more.

I chose “fried dough” as my subject for this limerick.

Screenshot: Emma Roth / The Verge
The AI will then combine all of your choices into a poem that you can share with friends like the limerick I created about The Scream and fried dough (pictured above). Google says it generates the poems using its PaLM 2 large language model, which it launched earlier this year.

AI-Generated Poem Postcards Now Featured on Google’s Arts & Culture App

In addition to this poem generator, the app now lets you scroll through a personalized feed of cultural highlights and allows you to better refine your searches for cultural topics. Google also added a “cultural flywheel” that lets you browse through content related to the work you’re looking at. For now, you can only access the redesigned Arts & Culture app on Android, with an iOS launch “soon to follow.”

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