GREG GUTFELD: 7-Eleven workers did what needed to be done

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All right, Happy Thursday everybody. So you ever watch something that brings a special joy to your heart, even though you feel like you shouldn’t like it, it’s gross and dirty. Like, besides this show. Well, a 7-Eleven in Stockton, California, almost became yet another victim of the wave of brazen theft sweeping the country. Gone are the days when shoplifting meant putting a Snickers in your pocket, then telling the cashier you’re just glad to see them. Now, shoplifting means lifting the whole shop at once and humiliating you in the process. Roll it.

Infuriating to watch, right? Even worse. It got me in the mood for a smoke. But we all feel how the people in that store must feel, hopeless. Which is a weird thing when you’re told law and order exists. We know it doesn’t anymore. So this looks like all the other smash and grab videos we’re seeing every damn day. Just another criminal getting away with it. It’s true. Haagen-Dazs and toothpaste get locked up while the thieves roam free, and it’s happening everywhere.


Greg Gutfeld: These 7-Eleven workers got justice

And why? You heard the guy filming it, mentioned insurance. The idea being, “Hey, you’re insured against theft anyway, so who cares, right? Just wait until the cops come.” Then when the cops come, take your statement, and then nothing ever happens because the local DA is too busy giving George Soros a foot rub. And now the whole neighborhood knows your store is an easy target. Criminals will look at it like it’s their parents’ fridge. As your insurance company finally says, “Lose my number at least.” At least, well that’s what usually happens, but not this time. So let’s see the rest of this video and then tell me how good you feel afterward.


It’s okay to clap. I mean, talk about cleaning up in aisle six. I haven’t seen a beat down like that since Larry Kudlow tried to try on Tyrus’s belt. That’s my kind of convenience store. Where thieves get their asses conveniently beat 24-hours a day. And thank you, don’t come again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like that it gives me joy to see a man hit with a stick. Even if my Google search history says otherwise. Oh, look at that. It’s unknown if the perp was armed, but clearly he acts like it. He’s lucky he was hit with a stick and not a bullet.

So what are the clerks supposed to do? Wait to find out? So I got to be honest, I loved every second of that because I love justice. I love seeing someone being punished after threatening their victims and then the victim exacting the punishment, and be honest, so did you. It’s like we all felt it at once. It’s clear who the bad guys are. We’ve had enough of them calling the shots. It’s like Twisted Sister once said, “We’re not going to take it anymore.” And they were men wearing makeup. Talk about progressive. Here’s [are] some responses to that video on Twitter: “I’ve watched this 87 times…;” “I love the teamwork;” “Yess. Amazing work, gentlemen;” “Feel good video of the day!;” “It truly has brightened my day.” In other words, people were saying the exact same thing, thanks, I needed that.


Murder map of US

Map created by the Crime Prevention Research Center showing where murders are concentrated in the U.S. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

So is it really our fault to embrace violence? It’s natural, however, to feel good when bad people are stopped. I mean, the movie industry has made millions over the years using that very same plot, and especially when the people in power let the abuse occur. Theft used to be illegal, but the politicians who aren’t on the front lines changed that. And when creeps know law enforcement won’t do ****, it emboldens them to sweep your livelihood into a rolling trash can.

So where’s today’s incentive to stop? I think you just saw it. The shop owners knew that, too, because they eventually let the guy get up and let him walk out of the store. Maybe he’ll spread the word that this place is a no-go zone like Somalia, the South Side of Chicago or Brian Kilmeade’s dressing room. Bottom line, when the rewards outweigh any punishment, it just makes sense to steal from hardworking people. That’s the incentive the Democrats gave these criminals. Remember that the next time you pull the lever in the polling booth for somebody with a D after their name, you’re a **** idiot, if you’re still voting that way.

So is it any wonder that we cheer the tired, hardworking minority shopkeepers when they literally fight crime? You know, it’s not just stuff for insurance premiums. These scumbags are stealing the time these business owners sacrificed, the early mornings, their vacations they gave up to feed their families and serve their communities. They’re the good guys and the bad guys, be glad that stick didn’t end up somewhere else jerk face.


Counties and murders graph

Graph created by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows the percentage of murders in the ‘worst’ U.S. counties in 2020.  (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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