Woke culture has pushed this mom too far

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How far can you push someone before they have had enough of rampant wokeness and completely revolt? That’s the question businesses, movie makers and department stores are rightly grappling with.

I can answer the question: If their target market is American families, conservative men and women who are just trying to make ends meet, the answer is that they have absolutely had enough.

The silent majority is speaking, and they are doing so loudly.

When a man who claims he’s a woman is plastered onto America’s former best-selling beer, regular Joes across the country en masse stopped buying Bud Light. They’ve lost a whopping $27 billion and have been replaced as the country’s top beer seller.


When Target decided to partner with a Satanic artist and threw their pride-promoting clothing into the faces of parents shopping in the children’s section, they lost $15.7 billion and counting.

When Disney decided to push woke movie concepts on trusting parents with the likes of the films “Lightyear” and “Elemental,” they lost $890 million over their past eight films.

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On the other hand, when Jim Caviezel produced a movie about a hero who rescued children from trafficking, the Sound of Freedom” became a 2023 summer hit film with more than $125 million in revenue, outperforming films with mega budgets like “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”

When country music singer Jason Aldean pulled no punches in his newly released single, “Try That In A Small Town,” it quickly shot to the No. 1 song on iTunes despite the woke crowd slamming it for promoting violence – when it uses actual news footage that many in the leftist woke crowd did not speak out against.

The silent majority – those families who just want to go to the store without being accosted by inappropriate messages, who just want to spend their money on wholesome entertainment, and who are more than willing to support those who stand up for truth – have spoken.

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We have had enough.

When men like Lia Thomas are allowed to compete in women’s sports and an actual female athlete, Riley Gaines, stands up for herself because literally no one else will – not her school, not the NCAA – parents of female athletes can’t help but pay attention. They are smart enough to see that the future of their own daughters in the world of sports are being wiped out and erased all because of some “inclusivity” wokeness.

When they see men and boys allowed in women’s locker rooms and restrooms, they see the safety of their daughters compromised like the horrible sexual assault in Loudon County, Virginia, where a boy forcibly assaulted a teenage girl in the girls’ bathroom. He was allowed in because he identified as a girl.

Loudoun County parents still furious over handling of school rape case

Parents are paying attention and we’re fed up. We’re fed up with gender ideology, wokeness and all the other colors of the rainbow being shoved down our throats in the name of tolerance.


I’m raising my eight children to be kind, compassionate, caring and loving individuals. I’m also teaching them right from wrong and amazingly, using science to back up a lot of biological arguments, something the woke crowd loves to ignore.

How dare they call my family and my kids intolerant bigots because we follow science and speak the truth? Not our truth, the truth. There are absolutes in this world no matter how much some people want to live in a fantasy world of their own making.

Riley Gaines accuses Rapinoe of 'virtue signaling' in defense of trans athletesVideo

I am more than happy the silent majority is standing up for what we hold so dearly and doing so where it hits the pocketbooks because, unfortunately, that’s the only way to get the attention of companies who think they can carelessly shove these kinds of inane values and morals at us and think will take it.


We won’t and we aren’t.

And you know what? We are teaching the next generation not to take it either.

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