Ghost Trick Transforms Into A Video Game Version Of A Summer Beach Read

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is 2023’s perfect summer video game.

Now, you might be wondering how I could call a Switch port of a Nintendo DS game from 2010 “perfect” (the game’s also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam) over any of the games actually released this year, like Diablo IV or Final Fantasy XVI. But while I enjoyed both of those games, I actually don’t think either are ideal summer games for two reasons.

  1. They’re way too involved, requiring a bit too much mental commitment to play.

Their hardware requirements force you to play them indoors.
Therefore, a perfect summer game must instead:

Be portable
(Yes, I know you can play Diablo IV on your Steam Deck with a bit of work, but level with me here.)

Ghost Trick Transforms into a Video Game Version of a Summer Beach Read

Ghost Trick was directed by Shu Takumi, the same developer who created the Ace Attorney series, which explains why Ghost Trick feels very much like Ace Attorney while also being wildly different in every way.

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